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News || Christina Fuchs : Composition | Saxophones and Clarinets

Christina Fuchs - Composition | Saxophones and Clarinets

KontraSax and Renate Fuhrmann

“The little Prince” by St. Exupéry

The latest music-and-literature project by KontraSax and Renate Fuhrmann will be Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince.”
This novella was first published in New York in 1943, where de Saint-Exupéry’s lived in exile. The most famous work of the French aristocrat writer, poet and pioneering aviator, The Little Prince is regarded as a modern fairy-tale about friendship and humanity.

Keller Theater Cologne

next shows: Nov 23/Dec 7/Dec 14/Dec 21


Christina Fuchs / NoTango 2

Wizmar Records  / NRW

Funded by Initiative Musik


is saxophonist/composer Christina Fuchs’ quartet. It is one of the more unusual ensembles in the Cologne jazz scene. This band proves that innovative jazz can be delicate, humorous, and lyrical. Their combination of jazz, ethnic music and modern compositions fascinates from the first beat.

next concerts: Artpipes e.V. presents:  Cologne meets Melbourne: No Tango Quartett & Andrea Keller Quartet

15.5.14 Dresden  16.5.14 Berlin  17.5.14 Dortmund  18.5.14 Luxembourg  22.5. Wuppertal  23.5.14 München   25.5.14 Köln

WDR JAZZ AWARD winner for COMPOSITION 2014: Christina Fuchs

Concert with WDR Big Band at WDR Jazzfest in Gütersloh January 31st 2014

find more information here: wdr3.de and wdr.jazz.de

Johanna Hansen & KontraSax

A brandnew collaboration between artist and writer Johanna Hansen from Düsseldorf and KontraSax. 

You can watch the video 'A letter  to Heinrich Heine' here or listen live to them Oct 15, 2014 at

Kunstraum 57,  Hartwichstr 57,  Cologne.



Europe Tour 2014


The Tour was great! Thanks to everybody who contributed.

from l to r: Ulla Oster, Scott Tinkler, Christina Fuchs, Joe Talia, Christoph Hillmann, Andrea keller, Ian Whitehurst, Florian Stadler

Artpipes e.V. is excited to announce the second installment of it’s Australian-German cultural collaboration. Cologne Meets Melbourne brings two leading female jazz composers from opposite ends of the world together on stage for a series of concerts in Europe, May 2014. Cologne contemporary jazz unit, the Christina Fuchs Quartet ‘No Tango’ met up with Melbourne’s Andrea Keller Quartet in Australia, 2012. Artpipes’ first exchange project brought the two quartets together in an international octet experience premiering at Australia’s Wangaratta Jazz Festival, with new music written by Fuchs, Keller and ‘No Tango’ bassist Oster.

15.5.14 Dresden

16.5.14 Berlin

17.5.14 Dortmund (WDR Jazz Meeting)

18:5.14 Luxembourg

22.5.14 Wuppertal

23.5.14 Munich

15.5.14 Cologne

 more info: www.artpipes.net

Upcoming concerts

8.5.2015 Köln

Klangraum Kunigunde, Schillplatz


13.5.2015 Bonn

Rheinisches Landesmuseum

Theaternacht Bonn, "Die Eiszeitjägerin"